Epic. That’s really the only way to describe the active adventures that await travelers in America’s National Parks, California and Alaska. We say it often but it’s true: these are the best outdoor playgrounds in the world. Made to be hiked, biked, rafted, ridden, skied, scaled, fished, flown over and more. Many wonders await those who go further and push harder, like secret canyons, secluded lakes, unimaginable vistas and elusive wildlife. And the options go beyond hiking, biking and rafting. Why not try sand sliding at Great Sand Dunes National Park? Or canyoneering near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks? A surfing lesson off the white sand beaches of Carmel? Or putting sports cars through their paces at the Sonoma Raceway?

You don’t have to be an ironman (or ironwoman) to have an active vacation: there are options for all ages and levels of athleticism and experience. Our guides excel at helping you find your pace, and safety is always their top priority. Their other priority? To get the adrenaline pumping and the smiles beaming for you and every member of your family on your active vacation.

Let’s dream it together!

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Santa Barbara Adventure: Surfing Lesson & Shoreline Horseback Ride

Santa Barbara Adventure: Surfing Lesson & Shoreline Horseback Ride

California doesn’t have an official sport, but if it did, you can bet it would be surfing. And what better introduction than with a private lesson. After a beach lesson, your knowledgeable instructor will get you in the water, giving you pointers on the waves, balance techniques and surf etiquette, and helping ensure you have an amazing time in the waves.

After some downtime relaxing and enjoying the beach, you’ll enjoy a private guided shoreline horseback ride. Imagine the waves crashing around you, the smell of salt air and the sun setting in the distance. A truly breathtaking end to a spectacular day!

> Santa Barbara & Channel Islands
> Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica
> San Diego

Family Climbing Day in Grand Teton National Park

Family Climbing Day in Grand Teton National Park

This day is guaranteed to be an amazing family bonding experience. It can be whatever you want, from a beginner lesson to more advanced instruction. There are a variety of routes that vary in degree of difficulty; no prior experience is necessary. Set inside Grand Teton National Park, every route is guaranteed to be simply stunning. And talk about photo opportunities – we can’t think of a better or more dramatic setting for the family holiday card shot!

> Grand Teton National Park
> Yellowstone National Park
> Jackson

Alaska Guided Flightseeing & Touring

Alaska Guided Flightseeing & Touring

With pilots and guides at the ready, this day of Alaska adventures is yours to create. The setting is spectacular around your lodge or within a 10-20 minute helicopter flight, and the activity options are extensive, including glacier trekking, heli-hiking, heli-fishing, heli-rafting and wildlife viewing. Into fishing? The helicopters can access endless surrounding streams and lakes with a field-experienced guide to accompany you. Or take a 10-minute scenic flight up the Hayes Valley and land on the glacier itself to explore the crevasses, moulons, icefalls and snowfields. Or you can hike to the summit of Wolverine Ridge for stunning views of Denali, the Trimble and Hayes glaciers. After a full day of exploring, you’ll have earned a massage or a nice soak in the hot tub!

> Anchorage
> Talkeetna
> Denali National Park