Birthplace of America, New England vacations draw lovers of history, coastal seafood and, of course, those amazing fall foliage colors. One could easily pass through the region in a day by car, but who wouldn’t want to stop in every picturesque village, placid lakeside picnic area or sandy beach along the way.

A New England vacation is an opportunity to slow down and drink in the rich history, hike some of the nation’s oldest and most spectacular mountain trails, and indulge in everything from succulent “lob-stah” rolls to homemade blueberry pie. It’s also a place to embrace the great outdoors, whether taking advantage of nearly 5,000 miles of coastline or venturing into the Appalachians, Green Mountains, Berkshires and White Mountains. And of course, to trace the journey of America, from its revolutionary past and the Pilgrims who first came ashore at Plymouth Rock, to its cosmopolitan present day in Boston, Portland and New York.