Boasting hundreds of picturesque islands and thousands of miles of serene shoreline, Alaska’s Southeast panhandle affords visitors a vibrant coastal experience. Lush rainforests, massive fjords, stunning mountains and charming seaside towns surround this narrow waterway. Take a boat through time to Glacier Bay and listen for the sound of ‘White Thunder’ as pieces of the behemoth tidewater glaciers break off and fall into the ocean. Enjoy an evening at anchor and mornings paddling your kayak in the quiet of this majestic wilderness. Be on the lookout for humpback and killer whales often spotted in the waters each summer. Spend an afternoon at Pack Creek on Admiralty Island, one of the most reliable places to view bears in all of Alaska. Then visit the towering totems at Ketchikan to learn more about the region’s native history. All the while you’ll marvel at the grand scenery and abundant wildlife as our guides take you to those “hidden gem” places favored by the locals.


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With its status as the only state capital in the United States inaccessible by road, a Juneau vacation starts by air or sea. Fly or sail in, then get to work exploring this delightful small town, with its welcoming art galleries, boutiques and historical sites. Arguably Alaska’s most beautiful city, Juneau boasts a lively waterfront, views of the vast Juneau Ice Field and access to Mendenhall Glacier. Those with a political ear will want to eavesdrop on liberal-minded discussions at the many café and coffee houses around town, while active travelers will want to head to the great hiking trails in the area, many of which start right downtown. Or to explore the paddling opportunities in Glacier Bay National Park and the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness Area, which is accessible by boat and requires an overnight stay.

After jumpstarting your day with a locally roasted coffee, bone up on Juneau history at the new State Library, Archive and Museum (SLAM). Then, with the proper context for your Juneau vacation, it’s time to take on the region’s limitless outdoor opportunities. Start with a whale-watching excursion in Lynn Canal, where you’ll glimpse humpback whales, Steller sea lions, orcas and more. At Mendenhall Glacier – one of North America’s few accessible glaciers – hike to Nugget Falls, or helicopter up for a more intense trek. Set sail for a day-long trip to Tracy Arm Fjord, a striking mélange of cliff, waterfalls, wildlife and the Sawyer Glaciers. Or, venture into Glacier Bay National Park, where the Grand Pacific and Margerie glaciers calve huge icebergs in thunderous fashion. Fish for salmon and halibut. Zipline through a rain forest. Paddle a kayak along a majestic shoreline, seeking puffins, mountain goats, moose, eagles, bears and more. Speaking of bears, set your sights on Windfall Harbor on Admiralty Island, “Fortress of the Bears,” one of the most reliable places to view bears in the state. Our local bear guides will accompany and educate you with on-board presentations about this iconic Alaskan creature.

> Glacier Bay National Park



From the lush forests and snow-capped mountains on land to the 1,000 plus tidewater and terrestrial glaciers along the ocean, Glacier Bay’s vibrant, contrasting natural features present an opportunity for endless exploration.

Reachable exclusively by plane or ferry from the small Alaskan town of Gustavus, roughly 50 miles west of Juneau, this national park is worth the extra bit of effort to experience perhaps the most spectacular scenery on the planet.

Glacier Bay National Park extends over 5,000 square miles across Southeast Alaska. Whether you are an angler looking to fish in both salt and freshwater, or are more of a wildlife enthusiast looking to photograph sea lions and mountain goats, we will help you navigate this vast terrain by curating a trip built around your curiosities and interests.

Let our expert guides lead you through the wilderness of Bartlett Cove, opening your eyes to the flora that vary with the shifting seasons. Or boat around the remote Outer Coast and spot humpback whales that call the national park’s waters their summer home. As if the sight of whales wasn’t enough to leave your breathless, we will be sure to point out Mt. Fairweather in the background.

Accompanied by a National Park Ranger, experience a Glacier Cruise up-bay to the tidewater glaciers of Grand Pacific and Margerie, which frequently calve huge icebergs into the bay. And when they do, the sound is called “White Thunder” by the Tlingit natives. Take a boat through time to the behemoth glaciers, while you look on the newly growing spruce forest on the south side of the bay.

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