We believe that America’s great spaces and places leave an indelible and lasting impact on your soul. That its mountains, canyons, lakes and deserts are among the world’s most spectacular natural treasures. And that its wildlife and wild places must be protected for future generations to experience. It’s a belief we are passionate about, having lived – and loved – the journeys we are honored to share with our clients every day.

In fact, our company was founded on the belief that helping people travel to the National Parks and connecting them with the magnificent wild spaces and wildlife of America would inspire them to be stewards.

With the help of our non-profit sister organization, The Bodhi Tree Foundation, we have found another opportunity for our company and our guests to be stewards of an important symbol of the spirit of the West – America’s wild horses.

The Bodhi Tree Foundation was established by travelers for travelers to enable the travel industry and individuals to fund grassroots initiatives that support people in need, protect cultural heritage and conserve our planet’s biodiversity. The Foundation partnered with our team to identify and then carefully vet a worthy project that would provide both measurable and sustainable results. Today, a portion of the proceeds from every trip that Revealed America sells goes to support Return to Freedom.

Return to Freedom
Return To Freedom is a California based non-profit dedicated to protecting the freedom, diversity and habitat of America’s wild horses through sanctuary, conservation, education and advocacy.

A native species re-introduced to North America by Spanish explorers, wild horses became an important part of U.S. heritage. Today, their population has been decimated to less than 67,000, and twice as many wild horses live in government holding pens as are thriving in the wild. These long-term facilities, where family bands and members of the herd are often separated, offer harsh and stressful conditions for the horses and cost millions of tax dollars. Many wild horses end up being sent to slaughter. And round ups by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continue on an ongoing basis.

Return to Freedom offers solutions for the management of herds. It fights to keep family bands together on the range and to reunite them once removed from their lands. It runs a model sanctuary currently caring for over 40 burros and 500 horses rescued from 11 herd groups in its two locations and private ranches in California.

Revealed America is proud to support Return to Freedom with every trip booked. And with the help of The Bodhi Tree Foundation, we’re excited to offer our clients the opportunity to visit Return to Freedom’s sanctuaries to learn more about their efforts and to see these majestic animals.

We want you to come back and tell us that your trip with us was the best of your life. But we know we have truly done our job well when, on top of that, you return with a deeper understanding and appreciation of all the beauty and wonder America has to offer, and a desire to ensure it is here for future generations to experience.