Our team has decades of experience and an overwhelming passion for America’s most spectacular destinations. They have lived – and loved – the journeys they create and are committed to ensuring your trip is every bit as inspired as the places you experience.

Jena Gardner – Chairwoman

Jena Gardner

I may appear to be a New Yorker now, but I’m really a Montana girl. I don’t think I will ever stop loving the great outdoors: Montana’s enormous sky, its horses, and its wide-open spaces engraved themselves on my heart at a young age. When I travel, I find it’s the elements of places that remind me of my childhood that I love the most. I want to make sure that the world’s special destinations are around for my sons – triplet boys under the age of five – to experience someday. I’m so thankful they inherited my love of the outdoors – I don’t think our house would still be standing if not.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: Growing up in Montana, Glacier National Park will always have a special place in my heart. It is truly awe-inspiring.

Marty Behr – Founder & Chief Development Officer


Marty Behr is a “city-boy” who discovered the California wilderness while at Stanford Business School and determined to make a career that blended business and backcountry. When management consulting led Marty to Alaska, he “struck gold.” Recreating the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush by traversing the full 800-mile length of Klondike National Park from Seattle to Dawson City by boat, canoe, and on foot with his family was a life-changing experience. And it led to the creation of the first of four successful nature-oriented travel companies in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Revealed America was founded in 2010 after Marty traveled America’s National Parks for more than two years, rediscovering their grandeur and diversity. Learning that visitation to the Park was declining and aging, he made it his mission to reverse that trend by providing exceptional National Parks travel experiences to travelers of all ages.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: I am captivated by Grand Teton National Park in the fall, with the birch trees yellow against the peaks of the Teton Range, the symphony of the male elk bugling for mates and the crisp fall air perfect for a strenuous high-country hike.

Mark Campbell – President


Writer and historian Wallace Stegner once described the National Parks as “America’s best idea.” Mark couldn’t agree more. From his first backpack trip in King’s Canyon National Park to his National Parks explorations with his family, Mark saw the transformative power of experiencing nature, culture and wildlife. And he has spent his career helping express, create and share that power and wonder at active and experiential travel companies including Mountain Travel Sobek, Virtuoso, TCS Private Jet Expeditions and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, as well as Cascadia Marketing, his own marketing and branding consultancy for tour operators and nonprofits. Having clicked when they met early in their careers, it was only natural that Mark would eventually join forces with Marty. Today, Mark ensures that travelers are treated to awe, inspiration and the highest standard of travel when visiting America’s National Parks, Alaska and California with Revealed America.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: With 59 national parks and hundreds of other sites and attractions managed by the National Park Service, I simply cannot pick just one. So, here’s my top two. Like so many other travelers, I love Yellowstone. Its immense size, the power below your feet, those bejeweled thermal pools, the amazing wildlife (the park is ‘America’s Serengeti) and the magnificent vistas are awe-inspiring. My other favorite is Bryce Canyon. The hoodoos and rock formations with their jaw-dropping colors are astonishing and proof positive that Mother Nature is the ultimate artist-in-(permanent)-residence.”

Susannah Dameron – Director, Trip Operations


Susannah’s love of the National Parks was planted during annual trips to Yosemite with her family and friends, and nurtured during subsequent travels to parks in the southwest and east. At the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and then at tour operator High Country Passage, Susannah was able to share that passion for the outdoors and travel, developing immersive educational and travel experiences that inspired children and families journeying the world, from Africa and India to the Galapagos Islands and the Canadian Arctic. Joining Revealed America truly brought her back home, enabling her to create exceptional journeys that bring to life all the magic of the National Parks that she thrilled to as a child.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: Yosemite’s miles of trails through alpine meadows, alongside waterfalls, and up granite peaks are the foundation for all of my outdoor explorations. My passion for wild landscapes sprouts from these seeds, as well as the discovery of John Muir’s writings during these visits. My favorite quote from childhood: “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

Melissa Ladvala – Director, Trip Development & Guest Services


Growing up in the mountains of Montana just outside Yellowstone National Park, Melissa’s love of the outdoors and National Parks was perhaps inevitable. As a child, summers were spent hiking, camping and exploring, while winters were spent on skis. Participation in the Walt Disney World College Program opened up new worlds and the possibility of making travel and tourism her career. After graduation, Melissa spent several years in sales, marketing and events for the ski industry before joining Revealed America. This too was probably inevitable, as Revealed America enables her to combine her love of travel, her passion for the National Parks, and her expertise in developing extraordinary experiences into the creation of unforgettable journeys to the National Parks, California and Alaska.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: My favorite is Grand Teton National Park. Not only is the scenery breathtaking but it is an adventurers’ paradise with so many activities to choose from. Give me a kayak and Jackson Lake any day of the week! It’s my happy place for sure!

Jessica Matthews – Trip Development & Guest Services


Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jessica inherited her love of the outdoors from her father. That passion – and the desire to live near her sister Kori – drew her to Northern Arizona later in life, where she could pursue her love of hiking and mountain biking year-round amidst the Ponderosa Pine forests of Flagstaff and red rocks of Sedona. Jessica worked for a renowned off-road Jeep Tour company as a Customer Service Representative and integral part of the Operations Team for seven years, before bringing her expansive knowledge and unstoppable energy to Revealed America to create thrilling travel experiences throughout the Southwest and beyond.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: Bryce Canyon National Park’s red, orange and white pinnacles and hoodoos are mesmerizing! There are also so many hiking trails to choose from. And since the park sits at 8,000+ feet in elevation, even in the midst of the hot summer months you can enjoy perfectly temperate weather.

Susan Phillips – Trip Development & Operations


As a child, Susan’s family would make annual visits to Yosemite, backpacking and exploring the park. Today she shares that same tradition with her children, camping and hiking in Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest. And she has dedicated her career to enabling other families to connect in the great outdoors. For more than 25 years, she has planned and carried out travel experiences to destinations in America and around the world. She has also shared her expertise with others, teaching hospitality, geography and travel sales at the local community college. Susan’s experience, commitment and extensive destination knowledge helps Revealed America ensure travelers won’t miss a single “wow,” “no way” or “unbelievable” moment as they journey the National Parks, Alaska or California.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: My love of Yosemite National Park began in childhood visits, hiking up Half Dome, backpacking and camping. Today, I love learning about John Muir and I’m thankful for everything he did for Yosemite, including drawing the proposed borders of the park and founding the Sierra Club to protect the park.

Robyn Goldblatt – Trip Development & Guest Services


Robyn’s most memorable and fulfilling experiences have always been associated with travel and the outdoors – she credits her childhood explorations of the National Parks and forests in Washington with shaping her as a person. Today she is one of those lucky individuals who gets to pursue her passion through her career. After assisting KAF Adventures with booking mountaineering, backpacking and climbing trips, she joined Outside GO to design trips to Africa and South America. Her love of the National Parks brought her to Revealed America, where she focuses on crafting itineraries that share all the wonder of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico with others.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: White Sands National Monument and Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. I know it’s a cliché when you’re talking about the National Parks but each is so unique: from the pristine, white sparkling sand to the eerie, dripping caves with room to fit entire houses, they make you feel like you are truly on another planet.

Mindy Teini – Trip Operations Specialist, Northern Rockies


Mindy grew up in Montana with a true mountain man for a dad. Together they spent weekends camping, fishing, sapphire hunting, panning for gold, and exploring the vast wilderness. After studying abroad and traveling the world, she felt her home beckoning and she returned to Montana to work in Adventure Travel, driven to share her knowledge and deep love of the Northern Rockies with others. Flash forward almost a decade and she helps turn Revealed America’s seamless itineraries into thrilling real-life adventures. Consider her your resource for the Northern Rockies and beyond. Looking for the best local ice cream? Need to know a great nearby family hike? Want the perfect setting for a romantic picnic? She’s your gal!

Favorite Revealed America Destination: One of my favorites is the lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore. I find this tribute to our military, our flag, and our country especially moving! Every once and a while, a mountain goat will come down into the bleachers, reminding people of the wildness of the west!

Sullivan Peraino – Trip Operations Specialist


Since 2010, Sullivan has been designing and operating bespoke travel experiences throughout North America and around the globe. Much to the delight of the more than 5,000 travelers who have traveled with her over the past eight years, Sullivan’s energy, passion and attention to detail ensure that every adventure she creates is unforgettable. As an Operations Specialist for the Southwest and Northern Rockies, she immerses travelers in some of the most pristine landscapes in North America in the hopes they, too, will gain a deep appreciation for these open and wild spaces that she loves.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: I moved to the Southwest in 2016 from Montana and I’m still amazed at its diversity. Within 30-minutes of Santa Fe, you can be sitting on the grassy bank of an alpine lake fishing for cutthroat trout, or wending through a slot canyon amidst yucca and cholla cacti. I encourage everyone to make a trip here to experience it for themselves!

Felicia McFarland – Trip Operations Specialist


Felicia’s earliest memories are of family road trips to the Grand Canyon. Her first love? Backcountry backpacking and camping in the National Parks. And her summers were spent exploring the wilds of California, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. So it really isn’t surprising that she found her way to Revealed America. Felicia considers it a privilege to be able to craft once-in-a-lifetime adventures for travelers to the National Parks, introducing them to the places and experiences she loves. And she especially enjoys planning multi-generational trips where families can unplug and connect in the simple beauty of the Southwest.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: It’s a toss-up between Glacier National Park and Mesa Verde National Park. Glacier Bay has literally one million acres of crystal clear water, two mountain ranges and jaw-dropping wildlife. And Mesa Verde has some of the best preserved Native American ruins in the US. I recommend you visit both and choose for yourself!

Rose McLucas – Trip Development & Guest Services


Rose is the original California girl. Born and bred in the Golden State, her enthusiasm for travel, love of the outdoors, and affinity for fine wine made it impossible to leave. Rose spent a decade in event production and trip development, bringing her considerable talents and energy to the production of successful events, from luxury incentive trips for ten to parties for 20,000. She also served as an outdoor adventure guide in Northern California before joining Revealed America, where she develops exclusive access and special offerings throughout her home state.

Favorite Revealed America Destination: The Northern California Coast from San Fran to Oregon offers miles of unspoiled coastline, freshly barbequed oysters, great Sonoma County Pinot Noir, and the largest trees on the planet (Redwood National Park). It’s no wonder I road trip this section of Highway One every couple of years!